DePaul University – Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference

After a short hiatus, we are back online to share some very exciting news.  These past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind.

On November 6th I was fortunate enough to share a stage with four wonderful artists and people, Laura Kina [], Tina Ramirez, Maya Escobar [] and the always entertaining Alejandro T. Acierto [].  Our panel was titled “Creating Resistance: Using the Arts in Challenging Racial Ideologies.”

Alejandro opened up the discussion with a rousing presentation on the politics of listening as a means to subvert established hierarchies of U.S. cultural hegemony.  In close, Alejandro shared several digital pieces and surprised us all with a remarkable impromptu performance on his clarinet.

Internet curator and performance artist Maya Escobar took the stage next and raised eyebrows as she proclaimed, “I am Freda Kahlo! I am Freda Kahlo! I am Freda Kahlo.”   Over a week later, I am still reeling in her verbose presentation.  Community Youth Organizer Tina Ramirez dropped invaluable wisdom, extolling the need for youth based leadership and creative spaces for young people in Chicago.  In fashion with Acierto and Escobar, Tina ended her presentation with an inspiring and soulful poem that nearly brought me to tears.

During my presentation, I felt very natural.  Having graduate from DePaul years ago, it was both bizarre and uplifting to be on the other side of the table sharing my adventures as a documentary film maker.

Overall, I had a marvelous time reconnecting with old friends, hashing out new and innovative ideas and sharing my story with open minded individuals.  I am indebted to professors Laura Kina, Camilla Fojas and Wei Ming Dariotis for their leadership and dedication to the conference project.  On to CMRS conference 2012!


About Jonathan Reinert

Los Angeles based, Midwest bred, Artist and Film Maker. Currently touring first short documentary.
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