Asian American Journalist Association Panel

The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is the last place I thought I’d find myself talking about my childhood in Kirkwood.  Despite traffic up and down Highland Blvd, I made it to my panel this morning with ten minutes to spare.  Upon arrival, I immediately spotted the wonderful Ms. Leezel Tanglao (AAJA Board member and Journalist) and proceeded to familiarize myself with other panel members–including the always enjoyable Mr. Abe Ferrer, who I’ve seen at four events in the last 7 days.  Also, the panel moderator, season journalist Emil Guillermo, actually lived in St. Louis for a couple of years.  Small, small world.

The first half of the panel was spent introducing the panel.  The closing half was predominantly dedicated to budgetary inquires and other financial stipulations.  As the sole recent grad, I had little financial wisdom to share.

After the panel I was approached by a variety of curious, supportive and generally enthused audience members.  I met an aspiring filmmaker from a tiny town in Oregon (we had a lot to talk about), the director of the popular Asian Am. doc “Vincent Who?” and got interviewed for an online Filipino newspaper.

All in all, its been a good day.  Its always nice to meet people with similar interests that also appreciate and enjoy my work.

Thanks Emil Guillermo, Leezel Tanglao and Annabelle Udo-O’Malley for setting up such a great event!


About Jonathan Reinert

Los Angeles based, Midwest bred, Artist and Film Maker. Currently touring first short documentary.
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