“Left” Screenings/Speaking Engagements

[previous engagements]

Feb. 25th, Screening, AAS History 10, Prof. Valerie Matsumoto, UCLA Asian American Studies Program, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 2nd, Screening/Panel, AAS Graduate Student Symposium, Los Angeles, CA

May 5th, [Los Angeles Premiere] Screening/Panel, Visual Communications Asian Pacific Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

May 22nd, Screening/Discussion, Adult Korean Adoptees, Southern California Chapter, Los Angeles, CA

Jun. 3rd, Screening/Discussion, AAS 20, Prof. John Delloro, UCLA Asian American Studies Program, Los Angeles, CA

Jul. 18th, Screening/Discussion, Filipino Heritage Camp 2010, Winter Park, CO

Jul. 21st, Screening, Filipino American National Historical Society Conference, Adoptee Panel, Seattle, WA

Aug. 7th, Panel, Asian American Journalist Association, Los Angeles, CA

Aug. 13th, House Screening/Discussion, Chicago, IL

Aug. 22nd, House Screening/Discussion, St. Louis, MO

Nov. 6th and 7th, Screening/Panel Discussion, Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, Chicago, IL

Nov. 15th, House Screening, Boston, MA


About Jonathan Reinert

Los Angeles based, Midwest bred, Artist and Film Maker. Currently touring first short documentary.
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